Sunday, July 14, 2013

El dia de Los Muertos, The day of the Dead ( day 3)

RIP, Ocean Critters
Day 3 was a dark day for the Boston Harbor since I was out doing many killings in the name of science. It all started in Long Wharf where I learned about the diversity and ecosystem we would analyze. We started to talk about the specific plants and animals that were surrounding our view with the goal of categorizing and observing plants and animals in their natural habitat. I rapidly realize that in order to have a productive day I would have to stay sharp and be very precise when I was describing what was in front of me. When we started to look at green vegetation we have to differentiate between color, size and the texture. It was off high importance to take notes and consoled other team members on their opinion. But what shock me personally was the idea that there was a limited number of living organisms found on the bay. At first I had the impression that only a few organisms lived at hands reach as the day advance my hands touched and killed hundreds of sea creatures.

I quickly learned that things are not what they seem, especially when I volunteered to pull the rope full of life holding millions of little pants and animals. I was shocked and amazed at how rich the ocean really is. I realized at that moment how little I know about Ocean biology and its inhabitants. My fingers were holing a rope that had little animals living on it, I felt their little body's and I saw the
amount of life with disbelief, I pulled the rope and realised the weight and the life it carried, I was in total shock. In realizing the importance of the ocean plant and animals I felt  sad and ashamed to see how people have taken the ocean front and made it an unwelcoming part of the city, and I wish they had a better understanding of the importance of community education. It is not right to take as your own the natural beauty the oceans  provides in the city with out sharing with the community's it serves.

This are some of the plats  I found interesting
Sea Lettuce, brite green color, translucent when in light, rounded shape, vibrant and distinctive from other plants.
We also care across Purple Reddish Seaweed , with purple color, wavy texture, not very translucent, large in size larger than 12 inches.
Rock weed, Small pods in pars, with small spikes in the pods, dark green to brown, flouting freely, ruff texture and had a smell of plant.

Blue Mussel, black and blue color, had the long shape, circular rings in the outside, white inside.
Golden Star, small shapes of stars living on the shelf of a blue mussel, crusted, tiny, flat, was gray color, lived with other Gold Stars around it. 

Orange Sheath brite orange, full of life, 2 -4 inches, slimy, strong hold on its home, no define shape, 

 The day was full of fun activities that i will not forget ever thank you.

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