Sunday, July 14, 2013

Antoine J Ramos...Day Two

The second day of this course was an interesting experience for me, because it was my first time really exploring the Boston Harbor. I very much appreciated the portion of class when we left the classroom environment and conduct more field work. I have also been more of a hands on learner, and I actually find it easier for me to learn that way.  Boarding the boat and actually having the opportunity to see the Boston Harbor had more of a learning impact than hearing about it in class. Today's class was filled with new information I was learning about for the first time. For example, I never knew that tide changes ever six hours or that President Nixon initiated the Clean Air Act/Clean Water Act as we were informed by Professor Berman. I also learned that DDT was banned in the United States.

We boarded the boat and exited the Boston Inner Harbor. I was amazed at how close the islands were to each and how fast traveling by boat could be. We traveled pass Deer island which I never knew was the location of a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Professor Berman explained Nixes Mate to us and how he was a pirate named Nixes who was hung from there. Being from New York City, I always find these historical facts interesting and funny at the same time. We then stopped at Georges Island for a little bit but never left the boat. That was kind of a let down because I wanted to visit the island. Once we left Georges Island we traveled through Hull Guts where there is a allot of oxygen in the water and good place to fish. Then went traveled to the Quincy Fore River Shipyard but prior to arriving the class was informed by Professor Berman about German Town and it being a housing development project. We then returned to Boston using the same route. Overall a good second day of class.

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