Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cruising The Boston Harbor

Today's field trip to the Boston harbor was an eye opening experience. I have grown up here in the Boston area. I visit castle Island frequently and gaze out into the harbor often. I've also cruised the harbor a few times before, mostly as a kid. Todays field trip truly opened my eyes to how much Bostonians depend on the harbor. The Boston harbor has been the cities life blood since its early beginnings as a settlement. The bay is protected from the open ocean by Winthrop and Hull. The harbor is deep enough for commercial shipping to pull right up to the city's ports and of load its cargo. I also realized Boston's Harbor has numerous islands scattered through out the harbor. These islands allow us to safely dispose our waste, have protected parks for wild life, and for recreation.

What stuck out to me most of all was how fast we can get around the metropolitan area just by utilizing the harbor. In about a half an hour we sailed from downtown Boston to Hull, weymouth, Winthrop, Quincy and other towns. We passed all of these towns at the beginning of rush hour and on an MBTA vessel.  If I were to attempt to pass all of these towns via my car, during rush hour, it would most likely take me hours. I would like to see the harbor used more as a means of commuting.

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