Friday, July 26, 2013

'Whale Watch Failure'

This morning, I read Professor Berman's cautious e-mail about the weather and its probable effects on the trip planned for today. Once I read the e-mail, I called the Aquarium to figure out if everything was still a go for the whale watch. They quickly told me that the event was rain or shine so I shouldn't have any issues with that. I went to the boat at 9 am with Lorraine and MJ and we sat on the bottom area of the boat to make sure that we were able to have a good view of the whales. We were pretty surprised at the weather, but we didn't think it would be a huge problem. The boat ran smoothly for the first miles. We made it past Deer and Spectacle Island without a problem. However, a couple of miles past the islands, we began to hit some really rough waters. It was so intense that I had to hold the table in front of me for support. This persisted for about 15 minutes, which seemed infinite at the time. All three of us became very sea sick. Once we began to worry about this, the captain of the boat announced that the risk that the rough waters were putting us in was not worth it for today. He mentioned that the waters were about 5-7 feet waves, and that he had never experienced waters that rough while going on a whale watch. Once he announced our return to Boston, one of the children on the boat said 'well that was a whale watch failure.' We all laughed at the accuracy of the child's statement, and I feel that this was a perfect phrase to describe the morning. The waters made me so sick that I had to go onto the deck to get fresh air and look at the horizon. Luckily, nothing more happened and we made it to Boston safely!

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