Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whale Watching or Sea Sickness?

I was part of the group that actually made it into the 9AM boat out to go whale watching. The workers said that the boat goes out whether it rains or shines, so we went ahead purchased our tickets and boarded the Boston Harbor Cruise to go whale watching. It was about 62 degrees outside so we decided to sit in the indoor cabin on the lower level, while we drove out to the whales. Before we first took off the captain said the waves would be between 3-5 feet and that if anyone wanted to leave they could do so. I was brave and remained put and was exciting to go see some whales! after about 20 minutes the captain mentioned the waves were now 6-7 feet and that he was going to be making the decision to turn the boat around. I was extremely glad he decided to do so because I was so close to getting extremely sea sick. I have been in rough water before, but my stomach has never dropped so many times on a boat before. One of the workers mentioned he had NEVER seen the water so rough before and apologized for the trip being cancelled.

Although I wish I would've seen some whales today, I was glad I didn't get sick!

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