Sunday, July 14, 2013

Aleksandra Binkowska

Our second day started from meeting at the Marriott hotel and talking over what we were going to do that day. The sun was shining and the heat was pretty intense but that didn’t stop us from being excitedJ. Soon enough we started our walk by stopping at some places along the harbor to learn and observe new things.
We talked a lot about the seaweed and about how many different colors/kinds we observed at that time (green, black with a tinge of purple, and a rockweed). Also what was interesting was the fact that when they sit in the sun they get and look dry but as soon as a tide comes in they get back to their normal ”lettuce” shape. We were also entertained by a seagull catching a crab and kind of fighting it in the beginning but eventually then eating it. Moreover, we were able to throw some bread in the water and watching fish catching it, also we were able to identify a navy blue, triangle shaped shell learning that it was not a California Mussel shell but a Blue Mussel shell.
The main attraction of the day was splitting in groups and doing some more observations at the docks of The Barking Crab restaurant where we had a chance to actually “go down and dirty” taking various things out of the water. In a pretty good amount of time we found a good number of mussels, seaweed (the lettuce kind), a lot of orange staff, as well as tiny little creatures that were still very small under a magnifying glass (looked kind of like a Horned Krill but it is hard to define).
In overall it was an amazing day, cannot wait for a wicked amazing one tomorrow!

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