Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sarah Grose-#1

Blog Post #1
I studied environmental studies at the George Washington University, and I am just about finished with my degree. I just moved to Cape Cod, so Boston is a pretty new city to me. I wanted to take this class for a few reasons. Firstly, it was the best fields class I could find to fulfill my final degree requirements. Secondly, I wanted to get a new perspective on Boston. I've been a tourist in the city, and I've traveled around it visiting many sites since I was little. However, I've yet to get a good grasp on the city itself. Getting the opportunity to learn about the city through the lens of marine life and ecosystem diversity was intriguing to me. Additionally, I haven't taken a class about marine biology, and so this is a great opportunity for me to get another perspective on the earth and how it all works and fits together. I love the ocean because of how much it changes. The tides and wave movements make for a drastic and varied ecosystem. I love to surf, as well as many other water sports, making playing in the ocean an important part of my life. There are such spectacular marine creatures and the fact that the ocean is still so unknown, just increases its intrigue and mystery.

The experiment proposed yesterday asks the question does water move down a drain in a different direction depending on what hemisphere you are in. After reading some of the other posts as well as conducting some research of my own, it is obvious to see how simple one can become mislead. Many sources claiming to be scientifically proven are simply not rooted in fact. For that reason, many people are utterly convinced no matter what they observe, that water drains a certain direction in the northern hemisphere, and the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere. However, I have conducted my own research and found this is not true. I lived in New Zealand for a while, and when I arrived, all my friends had me looking at and flushing the toilet to see if this were actually a real phenomenon. I can conclusively say it is not. I sat, watching many a sink and toilet drain, just to convince them that in fact the water does not swirl in a certain direction and it is no different than the toilets and sinks at home in the Northern hemisphere.

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