Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Antoine J. Ramos Day Four

Day 4 found our group meeting at the John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse docks, at about 8:28 a.m on Monday, July 15, 2013. I immediately notice that it was a very beautiful day the skies were blue and the waters were calm from just my observations. Prior to boarding our boat the Belle we received a briefing from Captain Charlie. During the briefing Captain Charlie discussed the location of life vest and the rules of the Belle, while we were out on the water. We departed from the courthouse docks by 8:35am and from my observations the water appeared to look a lot clearer then it did these last few days. Captain Charlie informed me that the reason the water appeared clearer today was because bluer and clearer the sky the more blue is reflected off the water making the water look clearer. At about 8:54am we arrived at our first stop. Captain Charlie and his crew began setting up fishing poles for fishing. We were located about 500 yards between Castle Island and Spectacle Island. The tide was out going and Captain Charlie informed me that we were 35 feet above water and we were fishing about 20 feet.

My second observation was at about 9:28am when the first fish was caught. I observed as Bruce begin to fillet the fish that was caught. The fish scales protect the fish, and I learned that the scales are not good to eat because they are made from the same material as our finger nails. Sea lice are only on fish in open water. At this point I had not attempted to fish yet. At about 9:40am we were at our second location for fishing, which was located near Long Island. Captain Charlie informed us that there were several fish havens underneath us in the water. The fish havens were built so that different fish species can go in and out. He stated that they were about 20 to 10 feet tall built under water. At this point I had already began fishing, but I had not caught anything yet. I informed Bruce that I had not caught anything yet and he stated that he would help me "catch a big one". At about 10:08am Bruce along Izzy aka Ezequiel, assisted me with catching a 30 inch Striped Bass. I was very excited and happy that we hooked that fish!!!

At about 10:52am, we reached Lovells Island and received our briefing from the Park Rangers. We began walking the islands trails and observing the native plant and sea life associated to this island. Bruce informed the class that Striped Bass travel through 10 states and almost 25 years ago they were almost extinct. After a brief lunch, we visited the tide pools and the visibly was slightly limited. As the tide was moving in, the water was becoming colder. Tidal refreshes and brings in nutrients. I observed an Invasive Asian Shore Crab in the tide pool along with a Hermit Crab.

The class headed back to the Belle and we returned to the Federal Court docks. Overall a great day!

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