Thursday, July 25, 2013

patrick palmer public hearing

Although this was not my first public hearing it was still interesting.  First the "vision", which is not a project, was floated into the meeting and all of the high points are hit and hammered home.  The benefits are all listed and each member of the board has an opportunity to ask questions.  These questions are usually generated by each member's particular group's interests.  This is the first step in whether anything goes beyond the vision point.  If it is poorly received the likelihood of the vision gaining strength to the clear the next hurdle is not probable.  I took the time to investigate the area as I waited for my soon to be cancelled whale watch trip to look a at the very uninviting and unattractive brick wall at the vision site.  Clearly from my point of view this area could use a redesign to open up the space to benefit of all who visit.

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