Friday, July 19, 2013

Terry Baurley
Hook and Line and Is it the end of the line
Monday 7/15/2013

One of the major challenges facing the fishing industry today is the consequences of overfishing,

 “End of the line” and The Cove are the movies    that changed fundamentally how I thought about ocean resources, consumption, waste, use and abuse of a global resource. In order to preserve and pass on to the next generation the beauty and wonder of fish in the wild, it will take enormous commitment by all nations to save what left of wild aquatic species from extinction. The fisheries like clean water and clean air are things that we cannot live without. There is a statistic that came from somewhere that said that at least a quarter of the population has fish for its only source of protein. So I look at not eating fish as a way of fighting hunger, if I give up that fish, practice catch and release or choose to only eat selected fish from the seafood watch card Or use the mobile app That is a small way that I can make a difference, because what I do upriver, upstream affect those that the water flows to. If I take that fish out of the river then there is one less for someone who might be starving. Especially because I am able to find other sources of protein. You see these voices that made these films are like Sylvia Earle, they are voices crying out in the wilderness, they are the prophetic voices that we all need to hear.

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