Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 4. Aleksandra Binkowska

Our 4th day started by meeting on the courthouse’s dock at 8:00 am and soon after that we were on a boat called Belle heading to Lovell’s island. At around 9:00 am we stopped and fished for a bit. We were able to catch a good number of sea bass measuring from about 9 inches up to 15”. What I found interesting was that they are born female but as they grow they become male with a lump on their head and with their color slightly darkening.
After some time we stopped at the second location during which we could watch and experience how to dissect a fish. The fish that was being dissected was a black sea bass with small scales. I learnt that if their skin is black you could actually eat it. After cutting it we could see what the fish had eaten earlier- a tiny shrimp but also we were able to notice that the fish had male and female organs so it was in the process of changing into a male.
During our second fishing location one of the classmates was lucky to catch a big stripper and that way provided a lot of excitement on the boat! The fish measured 30 inches.
When we reached Lovell’s Island we headed to tide pools where we spent a good amount of our time. The water was clear but as the time went by the level of the water was slightly rising, changing the clarity of the water as well.  We could also spot how much the tide can rise by the green moss on bigger rocks that were located on the higher level of the beach.
The 2nd tide pool we visited provided us with a big number of Asian crabs. I learnt that this evidence could be a bad thing because they could be a reason of fewer species likes blue crabs. We also saw Periwinkles, rockweed, hermit crabs, barnacles etc.
On our way back to the city we didn’t stop to fish anymore but were entertained by a captain dissecting more of the fish using this time two knives. We explored that the dissected striper was a female and still had fish eggs inside.
To conclude, I want to say that today was a very interesting, educational but also a very fun day! And I’m really looking forward to moreJ

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