Friday, July 12, 2013

First Class Day 1

Hi my name is Antoine J Ramos I originally from the Bronx, NY. I served the US Army for 6 years and I moved to Boston in May 2008. I am taking this course because it will give me a natural science credit and my advisor recommended the course. What I love about the ocean and the beach is how it reminds me of family get together's and enjoying the summer. Being from the Bronx visiting the ocean and the beach was something that we rarely did, only on a special occasion did we go to the beach as a family.

These are the three different maps of the Boston Habor:




Today we did an experiment which had my group observing which way the water drains in a sink or toilet. My group decided to use the sink located in the custodial closet in between the men's and women's bathroom. My fellow group member Pat Palmer held his hand over the drain hole and we allowed the water to fill up about a quarter of the sink. Once our group was satisfied with the amount of water in the sink Pat removed his hand from the hole and we all observed which direction the water drained down the hole. I observed that the water drained in a counter clockwise way down the hole and my group members all agreed that the water drained counter clockwise. 

These are the three different sources:

The main factor that determines that way the water drains down the sink is the manner in which it enters the sink and its direction. This is called the "Coriolis Effect", which means depending on the location of earth and it will impact and determine the path of moving objects

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Bruce Berman said...

Pretty good job p but what exactly is the Coriolis effect?