Saturday, July 13, 2013

Science in the Restroom

From my observations  of which way the water flows into the drain pipes I learned that one must not just go as usual when analyzing events like water leaving the water sink, but really get down and dirty. I observed the confusion of not taking cautionary steeps and i concluded that their is in most cases a right and wrong. Steeps to improve results can be a focus along with tools to help the theory I know that the water flows counter clock and I believe that using ink or a paper can prove this fact. In conclusion i was told to learn of how water flows south of the hemisphere but I decided that it is too far and only I could reanimate the experiment to keep the fairness, i would not trust other sources of information as i could not trust other classmates.

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Bruce Berman said...

Yahir - I asked you to post an introduction, answer the question using three trusted sources, and label your post.

You didn't do any of them.
I expect better.

See you soon.