Sunday, July 14, 2013

Harbor Islands

Today was my first experience with the Boston Harbor. I have lived in Boston since last September, but have never ventured out into the Harbor. I've been meaning to see this for a while, and I'm really glad that I've been able to see it today. As we left from the Long Wharf, you can barely see any islands. A delightful surprise was the proximity of the Logan Airport. I have never seen Logan Airport from this perspective, much less any of the islands. As we continued through the Harbor, Spectacle and Deer Island became more prominent in our view. Long Island also began to appear as we went through. On Deer Island, the sewage containers and facility were much larger than the image I had thought of while Professor Berman described them earlier in class. Nixes Mate was a surprising and interesting tale that I haven't heard of before. This story about the pirate is one that I will be sure to tell any friends that I take a harbor cruise with. Upon arriving at Georges' Island, one could see the beautiful landscape on and around the island. Boston's buildings were barely in sight and the Harbor demonstrated an overwhelming presence around us. I had never seen anything like this, and I loved the view. As we departed from Georges' Island, we could clearly see Peddocks Island. In my opinion, this was my favorite island. It was my favorite because of the layout of having several large heavily wooded areas and small, skinny stretches of land that seemed to be a small road connecting it to Prince Head. As we continued on the boat, we saw Nut Island and the various homes that completed the scenery. Upon arriving at Quincy, a different scenery took place. An industrial area began to emerge that reminded me of my hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey (one of the most heavily used ports in the country). While returning to Boston, I could see the various islands that I would soon be accustomed to within the next couple of days. A striking image to me was the arrival to Boston. The buildings seem to be in a perfect order while the boat approaches the dock. I noticed several student taking pictures, which I'm sure must be beautiful. I'm excited to see what Monday has in store for us after today's beautiful cruise!

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