Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun In The Sun

On July 15th our ES141 class met at eight in the morning for our fourth and most exciting class of the week. We had a day of fishing and exploration on Lovell's Island planned. The class met outside of the Barking Crab around 8:00 A.M. Although it was still fairly early the Sun was already beating down. We could tell it was going to be another hot day in Boston. Once all of the class was present we headed down to the docks to board the boat that was taking us on our excusrion. We met the operators of the boat; they went over a few safety rules and then we were off.

The boat  was a small but a good size for our class. Most of us sat underneath the boats canopy in order to remain shaded from the Sun. A few of us, myself included, preferred to enjoy the sites from the bow of the ship. We were not in the shade but their was a nice sea breeze to keep us cool. Once we were out far enough into the harbor the fishing began. The operators of the boat began to hand out fishing rods with worms as bait. We were fishing for Striped Bass. As soon as we put our bait into the ocean we began catching fish, just not Striped Bass. We caught numerous types of school fish including Black Bass. It appeared the Striped Bass were either not biting or just not interested in feeding in our current location. after about half an hour or so our crew relocated to another section of the harbor in search of Striped Bass. Our second location mirrored the first. The harbor was teeming with fish such as Black Bass which were practically jumping onto our rods; but the Striped Bass remained elusive. Then finally, about twenty minutes at our second location, Ramos hooked a Striper. Professor Berman took over the rod and reeled the big fish in. The Striper was placed on ice to be enjoyed later. In the meantime we set out for the second part of our journey, Lovell's Island.

At Lovell's we "did Science" and some recreation. As far as science goes we scoured the shore looking at the vegetation and animal life that lived there. We found the same type of vegetation that we saw down at the docks on the Boston Harbor. The shore was rocky. There were rocks of all sizes scattered throughout the beach on Lovell's; however underneath just about every rock were crabs. Surprisingly we learned these crabs that call Lovell's their home were invasive Asian Crabs. The native crabs were all but gone. These invasive crabs were more populace and were out competing the native crabs for food. We also saw snails. After "doing science" the class enjoyed the cool water and spent some time swimming.

around 2:30 P.M. we headed back to the Boat for the last part of our excursion. Once we boarded the boat we were heading back the barking Crab; but before class concluded we had one more exciting event left, filleting the Striped Bass. Professor Berman showed us how to filet the fish and gave filets out to the class. He also cut a few pieces up and added some pepper and lemon juice it was amazing. As promised day four was beyond Awesome!

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