Saturday, July 13, 2013

DDolan/Boston Harbor

Today (day 2 of class) we toured Boston Harbor.  We started on Long Wharf where we gawked at the gigantic yachts moored at Commercial Dock.  Here, the original waterfront, no longer visible, is located across the street (today’s John Fitzgerald Surface Rd) just in front of the Customs House.  The waterfront real-estate has grown into the sea over the years and is unstable land. On our boat ride out of the inner harbor we saw the Codzilla, which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fun, wet ride. We spied new Federal Court House, home of the infamous Whitely Bulger trial, and its adjacent park.  We saw where the container ships are unloaded, the World trade Center, East Boston, the Airport, South Boston, Fort Independence and Castle Island, Spectacle Island, Long Island, Moon Island (training grounds of Police & Fire Department personnel), Thompson's Island, Deer Island & its famous honey pots, Boston Light, Hull Gut and the Fore River Shipyard where we saw the USS Salem, a declassified WWII, Heavy Cruiser.

The boat ride was an opportunity to see the city from the water and the view is spectacular.   We learned that just because the water isn’t crystal clear doesn’t mean it’s dirty.  Boston harbor contains particulates and tannins that are discharged from its tributary rivers, causing the blackish or brackish appearance.  We saw a gulp of cormorants sunning themselves which served as a sign that the water is a plentiful/healthy food source for them.  We didn’t see the elusive barking crab but tomorrow is another day. 

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