Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Public Hearing Day 5th

Day 5 Public hearing
We started our day by meeting in a classroom and talking about sustainability to the striped bass. Next, we went over the midterm we had taken before improving our knowledge on the things we may not got right in the test.
After our class we all went to Downtown Boston to take part in Harbor Planning Advisory Committee meeting. We were able to listen and watch interesting presentations done by people who really care about The Marriott long Wharf, The Long Warf the public area in specific, but also the New England Aquarium. During those presentations we were able to learn the historical background of the Long Wharf etc. What was nice about it was that people were able to ask questions and express their concerns and hopes they may have for the Boston Harbor.
What I personally found interesting was that they are trying to make it more accessible to the public and attract more tourism, but also renovation they want to have done to the area.

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