Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day #2 Harbor Cruise

On Saturday July 13th, our class met at Long Wharf North where professor Bruce gave us a quick history of the harbor and summarized what ended up being a beautiful boat cruise. Once we were instructed of what to be looking out for we then took a boat to Georges Island.  With the temperatures around 80's degree and relatively clear skies we sail out Into the harbor in a high tide water. Within 5 to 10 minutes  I had a great view of the water front  beginning in Charlestown all the way to South Boston . As we go out into a deeper water I had a clear view of the airport in East Boston and Castle Island in South Boston.  A few miles down to the left of the boat I had a clear view Deer Island where the waste water treatment plant is located along with the amazing 140 foot high tank. In a relatively close distance we pass by long Island on our right side, and we moved pretty quick passing Nixes Mate and Gallops Island. At that point the Captain slowed down  as we approached Georges Island. From the boat the Island looked pretty active as many people were scattering around exploring the Island. After stopping for  roughly 10 minutes  we moved towards Hingham Bay passing between Wind turbine in Hull and Peddocks Island.  We were so close to the shore that I was able to see several people fishing off the pemberton point. once in Hingham Bay we moved slowly through Weymouth and right into Quincy Fore River Shipyard where we reached our final destination. I really enjoyed this cruise as it gave me a unique opportunity to see the harbor from a different perspective and paying attention to details that I have never taken  in consideration before. It was truly an exciting learning experience.

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