Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fallon Fernandes - Blog 2 (Boston harbor Map)

At the start of our trip, the boat left from in between Commercial Wharf and Long Wharf, and I recognized Castle Island as we entered the Boston Harbor. I saw Deer Island off in the distance, and its Waste Water Treatment Plant. Deer Island is connected to the mainland of Winthrop by Shirley Gut, and it has been used for sewage disposal since the 1800s. It was also used during King Philip's War (1675-76) to hold Native Americans who were captured and taken from their homes, and during the Great Famine (1845-52) by Irish immigrants who used it as a place of refugee.

The boat sailed passed Spectacle Island, Long Island and stopped momentarily at Georges Island where I saw Fort Warren. Fort Warren was built during the Civil War, but by the time it was completed it was used mainly for training, a look-out point for patrol, and a prison for Confederate soldiers. It is said that the island is haunted by the Lady in black, the wife of a confederate soldier named Mrs. Lanier who attempted on rescuing her imprisoned husband, but only succeeding on killing him with a stray bullet. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Lanier was convicted as a spy and hung for her "crimes". Supposedly, she has haunted the island ever since! My last Georges island fact of this post is that in 1958 Fort Warren became a National Historic Site.

After Georges Island, we saw Peddocks Island as we passed through through Hull Gut and entered Hingham Bay. In Hingham Bay I saw Grape Island before reaching our last stop, Quincy T stop on the boat. Then, we went back the way we came.

Some of my highlights included the boat ride, scenic view, a crab I saw, and the wonderful coffee I had on the Waterfront from Dunkin Donuts.

Here are the maps I referenced throughout this blog:

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