Thursday, July 25, 2013

No Whales: Not Surprised

Today's whale watching excursion was canceled due to inclement weather. Being the skeptic that I am I was not sold on the idea of seeing whales anyways, maybe just their tails. Although the day was not a total loss. A few of us decided to salvage the day with a trip to the Aquarium. It was a crowded day at the Aquerium. Many tourist, families, summer camps, and a few ES 141 students crowded the New England Aquarium. There was so much to see! Inside the Aquarium there is a large central tack filled with numerous types of sea life. I saw huge sting rays and other large types of fish. There were also Sea Turtles, Hammer Head Sharks, and a scuba diver feeding the fish from his hands (pretty cool). There were also different types of jelly fish and even an Anaconda to be viewd. The Aquarium has a section of seals and sea lions, which are massive animals and strangely cute. My favorite part of the day was seeing the penguins. They sure do have happy feet. Although we were unable to see the whales today we turned disappoint into fun. We also managed to "do science." Looking at all of the different types of fish made me crave seafood. We concluded at the Barking Crab.

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