Thursday, July 25, 2013

Business As Usual

Our 5th day of ES 141 was more of a traditional classroom setting; we did take a small field trip to downtown for a bit of politics. Our class meet as usual at 9:00 A.M. for a brief lecture on legal affairs concerning recreational and commercial fishing. Question such as how do we as a nation protect fish like Striped Bass from being over fished. We learned that solution do not come easy. there are numerous factors in play. scientist and others concerned with Striped Bass populations suggest bans on how many fish can be caught and the size of the catch. others are more concerned with making a living.  Both parties look to law makers for the soltution. We learned that like so many issues, politics can be as tedious when it comes to the fishing industry as it is with so many other issues facing the nation. There is no easy solution. A general consensus seems to be the best solution at this time.

In the field our class sat in on a public hearing about what to do about the future of the real estate down by the Long Wharf. As expected, there were two opposing sides, those in favor of making a buck and those in favor of the public interest. I was unable to stay for the whole meeting; but I noticed public interst tends to take a back seat when up against capitalism.

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