Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Introduction & The Boat Departure Yahir Flores

  Hello my name is Yahir Flores and I’m in this class because I want to learn from the best about our Oceans. I want to make a positive change in myself, and in order to do this I have to learn from the best on how to think and analyze. I choose to be in this class because I want to help the ocean and its inhabitance, I recently learned the crisis ocean life is facing with the growing demand of human population. I want to know how I can help develop a project to minimize the impact humans have. I believe in Science and the power of a great idea, I see the love and passion of the ocean in many people, creating change for a better, cleaner, stronger future. I want to take the information I learn in class and use it in other parts of the world.
The thing I love most about the ocean is its Great Power and its ability to hold and create life.

In today’s trip I leaned that humans and the ocean can get along, I had always been told humans destroy oceans due to having human waste and carelessness. But today I realized that with education and appreciation a balance can be found for humans and ocean life. I saw how human waste can be processed and reused along with how people can be close to the waters and truly keep them clean. In many ways we can help improve the ecosystem by adapting ourselves to the cycles of plant and fish. One of the best moments I had today was realizing that the true center of Boston is not downtown but the middle of the Boston Harbor, with community of fish and plants surrounding me. I can imagine how much greater of a city Boston can became if more people realize the importance of the ocean next to them. My favorite part  in the ferry was the first 15 minutes as we left the city at such a fast speed with the winds picking up and the professor telling us story's about his beloved ocean.  

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