Sunday, July 14, 2013

StevieMarie LaMonica - Day of the Barking Crab

July 14, 2013

Our day began at the Marriott Long Wharf and we took a walk along the harbor while stopping to check things out. We observed all different types of things, both living and not, from plant life, sea life, sea birds to docks, ramps, rope, pillars and art.
       Some of the things we observed were: sea weed; green, reddish-brown with a hing of purple, rock weed (sea weed that grows on rocks), a green crab, a seagull - who then found a crab for himself to eat, fish, shells (both clam and blue mussel), ducks, and bright green mossy stuff.

One our main observations were those we made while at the docks of The Barking Crab and also at one of the private docks in Boston harbor.

At the Boston harbor docks we found a decent amount of life, both plants, a strange rock, creatures and barnacles. We also got to see (well, I didn't, but I heard we did) some striper bass, crabs and starfish.

this to me, looks like Northern Rock Barnacle; comparing my picture and the one in the guide book 

The fun came in when we arrived at the Barking Crab and got to lay on the docks while sticking our hands in, let's say, "stuff" and pulling it out from under the docks to see "what the hell is that!?", which, I feel, was the best part of the day by far.

My group consisted of Coulter Bailey and myself.  We seemed to find some pretty cool and weird stuff under those docks. There was an abundance of blue mussels, orange stuff, leafy green (like lettuce) seaweed, mossy stuff in brown, green and a brownish-red, lots of slimy stuff with really cool flower looking things, almost like prints, on it and something else that kind of looked like a booger, among other things. The mussels we found had orange stuff, slimy booger stuff and even little tiny living creatures that to me, reminded me of sea monkeys!

green, mossy stuff - kind of looks like older, dried up cooked spinach

the "booger" - or, sorry to be gross, but almost looks like someone "hucked up a loog" - this was thick, rubbery like and slimy 

mussels with some leafy, lettuce like sea weed

some close ups of the mussels with slimy stuff

I'm thinking the reddish slimy stuff on this mussel is also a type of turnicate; still researching it though 

more mussels with slimy AND orange stuff, AND the other boogery - weird - slime with flower like prints on it 

here we can see some orange, slimy stuff - looks as though it may be Orange Sheath Tunicate! 

more cool orange stuff 

the sea monkey look a like 

a barnacle!

this mussel actually had some strange texture like thing on it (bottom left) -felt smooth but slightly bumpy and if you zoom almost looks like mini, smooth barnacle 

here's a better close up of the mussel with the barnacle - credit to Coulter

this is what amazed and confused me the most! it was difficult getting a good close up without the picture coming out blurry - from the guidebook, and online researching, it looks like this slimy, cool, little thing may be Golden Star Tunicate

it's slimy, boogery, yet has these really cool flowery shape things on it..hmmm

a baby mussel! 

the inside of the mussel - looks even worse than it does when you get it on a plate in a restaurant! 

again, the slimy, booger, flowery thing - Golden Star Tunicate?? I've also learned that tunicates are invasive species!

we also found this little guy - maybe a bigger sea monkey look a like? - he may actually be a Red-Eyed Amphipod, who live with mussels on rocky coasts

Below you will find the link to all of the pictures I took today; some are blurry but I didn't take them out.

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