Saturday, July 13, 2013

MJ- First Class Post

Brief Introduction: 
My name is Maria Jose , but everyone calls me MJ and I am an undergraduate student at BU. I was born in Peru, but I currently live in sunny South Florida! What made me come up north? I don't know,it just kind of happened but I absolutely love it here in Boston. I am currently studying finance and international management, and was in need of a natural science class when I found this amazing class. Living in Florida has made me LOVE fishing more than anything. Whenever I go home I probably go out fishing on the boat twice or three times per week. I've done everything from dolphin (mahi mahi ) fishing, to sword fishing for 200 lb fish. I think it's such a fun sport and when I heard this class included water, fish, and the ocean, I knew it was for me!

The Ocean
I love the ocean because I love listening to the waves. They make me forget everything else that is going on in my life. Going 50 miles out and not having any other sound surround you other than the waves crashing up against the boat is truly a peaceful and relaxing experience. I live about 10 feet away from this beach, and I have loved every minute I've lived in Florida.
Today in class we conducted an experiment in which we trapped water in a sink using out hands and a paper towel, and then letting the water drain and observing in which direction the water went down the drain. (Clockwise or counter-clockwise). 
- Step1: Take 1 piece of standard size paper towel. 
-Step 2:Use paper towel to block drain of a sink.Apply pressure with the palm of your hand to fill up sink about half way.
-Step 3: Remove hand and paper towel to allow water to drain.
-Step 4: Observe in which direction the water drains and record. 

When my team did the experiment , we actually did it twice. The first time Professor Berman performed the experiment and I observed the water going counter-clockwise. The second time we did the experiment , I also noticed the water draining counter-clockwise. After the second experiment we came to the conclusion that the water drained counter-clockwise. 

According to some articles the direction the water drains depends on other factors other than just being in the Northern or southern hemisphere. "One can find both clockwise and counter clockwise drains in both hemispheres".A lot of people use the Coriolis effect as a blame for water draining in a specific direction , but that is a myth according to Dr.Doherty. The effect has such little impact on the direction the water flows that it cannot be the only reasoning behind the direction of the water. In addition, water does not flow in a different direction in Australia than in the opposite hemisphere. Because drains use such small amounts of water at a time, the scientific effects have no huge impact on the drainage. 

~ MJ Vasquez

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