Saturday, July 13, 2013

Patrick Q. -- First Post

Hi everyone,
my name is Patrick Querido, originally from Cape Verde, and one of the two bald guys in this class.This is actually my last class needed to complete my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Boston University. As a boy , i was always interested in scientific things, electrical, mechanical or aeronautical and read nearly everything that the library could provide on these subjects.One Christmas, i received a portable cassette tape recorder, which i used to secretly tape family, friends, and myself practicing guitar in my room. Mainly due to overuse, the device lasted a year before i curiously disassembled the entire unit observing every part, wondering what function it performed, how it used electricity for that function, and how i could possibly fix it. Through the years, my interest in electronics led me to think seriously to pursue a career in computer field,where I've learned a great deal from my peers and those friends who already knew before it became a household word.As every Cape Verdean ocean has been with me since young. I've named my daughter Ocean.She is to me something big, vast, infinite, endless fount of inspiration. I've discovered all these qualifications on a nature ocean, and decided to honor my daughter with all these similarities.I choose this course  as an elective requirement needed to complete my program and because its also an opportunity to explore and a chance to know more about Boston coast.On today's experiment to decide which way the water drains on our hemisphere all members of my group agreed that the direction was counter-clockwise. I've decided also to do a second experiment with the help of another classmate and could confirm the same direction again. I've also read some articles about this theme and was triggered in particular by the experimentation done by  MIT professor Ascher Shapiro. On his experimentation he in fact observed that because of a phenomenon named  Coriolis effect "cause a bathtub vortex  in the northern hemisphere to swirl counterclockwise".Coriolis effect states that "the Earth’s rotation influences how fluids swirl on the planet’s surface and It's why low-pressure systems in the northern hemisphere twist counterclockwise". "He was supported, however, by colleagues in the Northern hemisphere who confirmed  the counterclockwise bathtub drainage, while those in the Southern hemisphere demonstrated  the same effect in the opposite direction—a clockwise flow—just as anticipated."

Shapiro’s Bathtub Experiment
by Conor Myhrvold
Scope Correspondent November 22, 2011

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Bruce Berman said...

Nice post, Patrick - but asked for three sources.

Aso, please label your post.