Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 6: Aquarium

Today the plan was to go on a catamaran to go whale watching at 10:00. Unfortunately, at 9:45 we were informed the trip had been postponed and the noon trip was looking as if it would be cancelled as well. To help assuage the disappointment of not being able to see whales, Stevie, Stephen, Coulter, Karissa, Chris, Antoine, Terry and I decided we would go to the aquarium together.  Although I had been to the aquarium one time a few years ago, I felt this experience was very different because I was able to identify some species, and Karissa was like our own personal guide! I love the big tank in the middle of the aquarium; I think the design is very well done because you are able to observe so many different sea creatures from many different angles. We saw three sea turtles, some sharks, and countless fish. My favorite parts of the aquarium were the touch-tank (because I now feel fearless and will touch any creature), the penguins, and the different jellyfish. Although I was disappointed not to see any whales, I still had a great day at the aquarium. 

The group of us who went to the aquarium:

Some of the pictures from around the aquarium:

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