Saturday, July 13, 2013

StevieMarie LaMonica_Boston Harbor Express 7/13/13

July 13, 2013

Today was our first boat ride in the harbor! After a few hours of class, a nice walk around Faneuil Hall and a nice little lunch at  Nunzino's Pizzeria (very tasty might I add), we met up at the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel. After a short conversation as a class, we boarded the Harbor Express and experience a nice boat ride around the harbor and little more.

We starter at the Long Wharf Hotel and headed through the harbor - going by the industrial parts of the harbor and the very scenic parts. On the way to our pit stop at George's Island, we passed Castle Island, Thompson Island, Spectacle Island, Moon Island, Long Island, Logan Airport, Deer Island, Nixes Mate, Gallops Island, and Lovells Island. After George's Island, we headed over to Quincy, passing through the Hull gut and Nantasket Roads. Quincy bound, we also passed Peddocks Island, saw Grape Island in the background, and landed in Quincy Bay. Unfortunately, we didn't get the tour we expected, and went the exact same way back to Boston, but that's och - another time, right?

What struck me the most during this trip (which for me, is a little embarrassing, considering I've lived in the town of Winthrop and near Boston my ENTIRE LIFE), was how close other cities and towns are by boat, and how fast you can get there.  You would think by now, at the age of 29, I would know exactly where we were the whole time - but I didn't.  I still get amazed (and confused) of how close we are to so many places by boat, especially when it takes so much longer to drive or take public transportation to get there!  What also struck me, and always will, is how calm I am when I'm out in the ocean (on a boat, of course).  There is something about being out in the ocean, on a boat, that just takes my mind off of everything and relaxes me - which may not be the best thing while in a class...

I really enjoyed today's trip and look forward to future boat rides. I'm going to attach the photos I took on my phone today - they may not be the greatest, but I figured I'd share them any way.

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