Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Public Hearing for the Waterfront- Coulter Bailey

Today, we took a trip down to Boston's waterfront, and sat in on the Downtown Waterfront Municipal Harbor Planning Advisory Committee that was looking at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf's expansion plan.

The agenda was:
  • Planning Area Property Owner Presentations:
    • Boston Marriott Long Wharf- Yanni Tsipis, Senior Vice President, Colliers International
    • Long Wharf- Dick Mulligan, Senior Project Manager, BRA/EDIC
    • 255 State Street- David Lucey, Head of U.S. Operations, Pembroke Real Estate
    • New England Aquarium- Bud Ris, President, New England Aquarium
  • Submission of Downtown Waterfront MHP Request for Notice to Proceed
  • MHPAC Questions and Comments
  • Public Questions and Comments
The hearing overall seemed to be very successful, and Yanni Tsipis spoke about how the Boston Marriott Long Wharf planned to change how the building looks itself, and how they plan to change the area surrounding the hotel to make it more pleasing to anyone visiting the waterfront. Yanni spoke regarding how the plan was to make the waterfront more appealing surrounding the hotel by putting in more chairs, benches, and planting more trees and grass.

When the meeting was opened up to questions from the Advisory Committee, several people had issue with how this was exactly going to be done, how it would affect the surrounding area, and how long it would all take. Yanni did a fantastic job answering these questions, and genuinely took the time to listen and respond to his audience.

This public hearing showed that the Marriott Long Wharf cares about its surrounding community, and wants to know what they think about the Marriott's plans to expand. It was a very interesting meeting, and brought the people together to gain insight into a project that will affect many.

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