Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 4 Lovells Island

On an early Monday morning our group met once again for another adventure in the sea. Starting at Barking crab docks I noticed that the water was calm and the skies were clear blue. Once we had enough student gather we walked to the other side of the bridge to board the Belle boat. At the court house dock we met the boat crew Captain Charlie, John English and Chris. In few words Captain Charlie gave us safety instructions and asked us to be in a lookout for birds in the sea.  Apparently, where there are birds over the water it indicates fish. Charlie offered boat binoculars' but unfortunately i didn't see any cormorants in the area. On schedule with an outgoing tide we sailed out into the harbor for our first fishing experience.  Our first stop was approximately 500 yards between Castle Island and Spectacle Island. Students with more fishing experience started first and within minutes they caught different sizes of  black sea bass and perch. Professor Bruce and the boat crew were showing us how to prep fishing rods with sea worms as good bait source, and how to bring the fish into the boat if one gets lucky. We spent roughly half an hour and moved to the second location where captain Charlie referred to as a safe heaven. It  was approximately 300 yards off the Long Island Coast and at 40 feet deep we were in a perfect spot in the channel. There I experienced the best moment of the day as Antoine with the help of professor Bruce caught a 30 inches striped bass.  In a very chaotic and exciting battle the  professor was  able to bring the striped bass on board. Professor gave a quick explanation of that particular striped bass while student took pictures  and touched the fish for the first time.  We then proceeded to Lovells Island to continue our observation where we walked around to the north side of the island. There we spread into the tide pool where I observed different colors of sea weed and other species that appeared to be barnacles and lichen. On our second location after lunch I found several spots with blue mussels, black snails and green crab. My day at Lovells Island was awesome and it ended in a great note as I learned how to falay and best use the striped bass we had caught earlier.

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