Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lovell's Island (Nude Beach) Today's Notes

02 August 2009

Rocky beach area observations:
  • Lots of rocks, washed up lobster traps, rocks put there by the government for erosion control
  • Brazil nut phenomenon - sand settles first, big rocks after
  • High tide line- animals live below the tide line, it goes out 1 1/2 ft per hr
  • Wrackline- did not get notes on this, need to investigate further
  • Shells-Periwinkles, blue mussel
Snails- Periwinkles
  • Some snails are not native but invasive
  • Snails were introduced in Nova Scotia
  • Snails eat vegetables, algae, and sometimes animals
  • Algae holds sand on the beach
  • Turns sandy beaches into rocky shorelines over a period of 200 years
  • Very destructive for sandy beaches
  • Snails natural predators are starfish
  • Snails have no gills, no lungs (pulmonate)?
  • Snail poop- frass
  • Snails need calcium
Salt Marsh
  • No longer exists
  • Being taken over by fragmytes, pepperweed (invasive)
  • Bittersweet, pepperweed,
Tidal Pool 1230
  • Gulls, Oyster catchers, sand pipers, Slotted sand pipers
Tidal Pool 2nd Time
  • Picked up rocks and found crabs and lobsters

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