Saturday, August 1, 2009


I think we started the day perfect by just going around the harbor and having the chance to see what we had to draw on our maps for the first assignment. The weather was just perfect for that. When we left the tide was high or higher, I'm not sure what time exactly it is the highest but when we came back Bruce pointed out that it was almost at its lowest point. The comment he did about global warming was very interesting to me and made me think about how a few feet would cause a great part of Boston to be under a lot of stress.

It was interesting to learn about the influence of the tide on the harbor and to find out how seaweed and lettuce benefit themselfves by hanging onto the floating docks.

Once we arrived at the Barking Crab we had a chance to analyze the life there better. After we teamed up, Brain, Lizi, Matt and I explored underneath one of the docks and I pulled what it seemed to be a leaf of some sort. What I think was important was all the organisms living on it, like parasites feeding on its juices. There were very litte ones that indeed looked like the Red-eyed Amphipod(Ampihoe rubricata) which according the the guide has 7 pairs of walking legs and live among seaweeds and in mussel beds above or below low-tide lines.

Looking at the picture from last year and comparing it to the one I took, it seems to me that last year the life on that picture was more abundant. The increase in rain fall we had in the the month of June and July "stained" the water making it darker and more difficult for sun rays to reach some of the depth therefore influencing the growth process on many of the organismis in the ocean. The cooler months of June and July had to influence that process as well. I think that a slight change in water temperature could slow the growth process on many forms of life.

I'll see you guys tomorrow at 5 minutes to 9.

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