Sunday, August 2, 2009

assignment 2

Hey everybody today was our first day outside of the classroom. We started off the day on a great boat trip and got a real great visual of the boston inner harbor and some of the islands that were on our maps. After Lunch is where things really got good. We were able to walk along the pier and look at some very interesting things. We really started to buckle down when we got to Barking Crab. I worked with Han and Renee. We started view the surrounding habitat in a shaded region of the dock. her were able to discover some sea lettuce cover in what looked like t be crude, some muscles, and we got to see some baby true crabs walking around. This crabs were smaller than a persons fingernail. When we moved to the sunny region of the dock things really got interesting. Were able to see that the sea lettuce was actually covered in what appeared to be different forms of sponge. I think i was able to determine that I saw some fig sponge, red beard sponge, golden star tunicate varient, and orange sponge. These fixtures were all attached to the sea lettuce and really came out in the sunlight under the water. They all felt like some type of smooth leather. You can see some of our great observations form Hans photos in his blog.

In regards to the difference of last year i feel that the amount of rainfall has help the cause. With the water having more salinity and less sunlight there has been less time form things to grow. Last year these things were able to grow at a quicker rate in the water.

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