Saturday, July 14, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not

In all honesty, I think the lesson on how waste is currently processed in and around Boston is pretty frickin amazing. Can you say frickin on this blog? What’s this thing rated? To not only have corrected the problem of dumping pure waste into the harbor, but to have done so in such an ingenious manner is just fascinating to me. Crap becomes clean water and fertilizer for sale. It is so simple and efficient that it is brilliant. That’s not the best thing I observed today though. It is just one of the reasons why I observed what I did. The best thing that I saw today was a revitalized Boston Harbor not only teeming with marine life (ok, I didn’t see marine life with my own eyes TODAY, but Professor Berman seems like a quasi-reputable source), but a harbor teeming with people there to experience it. Honestly, they were everywhere. They were crowding Long Wharf to see the sights and experience all the activities. They were filling up every boat that docked looking for more patrons. They were hiking the hills and trails of the Harbor Islands themselves. They were out on the harbor in their own personal motorboats, sailboats, kayaks and I’m pretty sure this one guy was in an inner tube which I’m also pretty sure can’t be exceptionally safe. They were even flooding the Boston Harbor Island info stand by Government Center. Even as folks were getting off our boat in Quincy and Professor Berman mentioned that nobody would be getting on, boom; another large group of people jumps on the boat destined for the inner harbor. They were everywhere and excited to be there. Anyone that grew up in and around Boston can tell you about the jokes they heard about the harbor growing up. They were limitless. Honestly I think those jokes subconsciously have helped deter me from spending virtually any time on the harbor. To cruise around today though, I was amazed not only by the state of the harbor and the islands, but how popular they had become. What did I observe today? I witnessed one of Boston’s most important landmarks was back (at low tide moving out, 1:20pm, about 83 degrees), better than ever and the evidence was everywhere for everyone to see. Oh, and I met a hot lady Park Ranger in Faneuil Hall. All in all, a pretty good day.

Until tomorrow, harbor enthusiasts,
-Shaun Bossio

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