Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lying horizontal with face downward...

Hello All,

It is Duo here, Today we met early in the morning at 9 am in front of the Starbucks af the Marriot Long Wharf Hotel. Professor Berman first gave us a lecture at the public space while we were enjoying our coffee and breakfast. Well, actually thats a really nice way to start the day!

We started our journey along the riverside and stopped when Professor Berman fished seaweed – to be exact: Rockweed – out of the water.

Rockweed is geenish-brown and it was floating on the water surface due to ist air-filled bladders. Professor Berman showed us how they pop when you squeeze them.

Our next stop was at „Aquarium“. There were a few seals swimming around. And on the ground there was something purple and prickly - a Purple Urchin. It really looked dangersous.

At Rowe’s Wharf we continued our observation. There we had to lie horizontally on the dock in order to get a sunburn on our legs.

This is what we found there:

Spongomorpha: At first I thought that it looks like hair, green hair, but its structure is actually like the strukture of Meum athamanticum – a spice. Its color is green and it felt slimy.

Blue Mussels: They are everywhere and never alone. They were growing in huge numbers and covering the sides of the docks. Some of them were open, some shells were destroyed, some were closed. Most of them were covered in a foreign substance.

Halichondria Panacea: This is one of the substances that covered the Blue Mussles. It felt very slimy and its color is orange with black here and there. The surface felt a bit uneven.

Sea Lettuce: This green thing looks like a giant crushed lettuce leaf.

Bowerbank’s Halochondria: We found it on an empty Blue Mussle. Its color is yellow and ist structure reminded me of corals. The Bowerbank’s Halochondria is a soft organism.

Soft Sour Weed: Something else that reminded me of human hair. It is dark green and much thicker than human hair.

Graceful Red Weed: It has a quite firm consistance and the color is brown and some kind of semi-translucent.

Sea squirt: They are either vase shaped or rounded and squirted when they were in the air.

After we finished our observation at Rowe’s Wharf we moved on to The Barking Crab. There we were also able to find several species:

Club Tunicate: It was covered by a gluey yellowish layer. We cut it open as we did not know what it was. Inside it has a yellow strang.
Skeleton Shrimp: Very thin and long shrimps. They seem to be very delicate. They are light brown and seem to be translucent.

Comparison of this year’s dock to last year’s dock:
At the first glace I could not tell any kind of difference between this year’s dock and last year’s dock. But it seems that last year’s dock was more diverse on a smaller area. And I believe hat I have not seen this humongous number of barnacles on the docks.


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