Sunday, July 15, 2012

boston harbor observations

If it is asked me what are the plants and animals that I saw today in the harbor, I would say grass, bird and fish. Since it is not a sufficient answer for the course content, I will try to differentiate them. And after summer term, they will go back to their classification; grass, bird and fish.
Firstly, we again tried to understand whether sea level is rising or falling. We look at the rocks whether they are wet or dry in order to understand the sea level is rising or falling. There, we saw rockweeds and we had chance to look closer and we saw that there were water bubbles on the rockweed.  We saw a fish that is approximately 27-28 inches tall. We threw bread to see those fishes. Also, in the same location we saw cormorants, one of them was black and the other was white. One of them dived in the water to find food.   
Then, we stopped by the aquarium and there was a sea urchin located at the bottom of the aquarium. It couldn’t be seen clearly because of glass and the distance but its color was dark, probably purple or black.
After that, we went to the harbor and we observed the species that we can see on the surface or near surface. Sea lettuce and seaweed existed almost everywhere we observed. Their color was mostly green, brown or a mixture of them.
Also we saw white barnacles on the pillars. After sunset, they open and eat planktons in the water, but under sun light they are tiny white creatures, I didn’t guess that they were living organisms at all.
We walked along the harbor and we had opportunity to observe living organisms in different parts of the harbor. In one of those parts, we saw mussels behind the seaweeds and sea lettuce. They were black and were embedded to the other organisms, or I saw like in that way.
Finally, I can count skeleton shrimps which surprised me, it looks like plant but they started to move after we put them on the wharf. They were tiny creatures and I guess they had a few legs, their color was light yellow. There were orange parts near those shrimps but I couldn’t understand what it is.
To compare with the previous year’s posts, I can say that there are very similar results. The reason of it may be the sea level did not change much from year to year, or there weren’t any extraordinary events that affect the variety of living organisms in harbor.

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