Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 3

  It was an early morning for Snails2whales as we met at the Marriott around 8:30 this morning eager to set out for Peddocks Island.  Although we new very little if anything about this quiet harbor island, we quickly became familiar as the ranger gave us a quick tutorial about the historical site.  It has been home to many people since before world war one.  It has housed militia men, prisoners of war, local islanders, vacationers, and those who stop in for a day on a quiet island. Walking up the old paved road I felt as though I was entering a horror movie.  The large brink buildings and church were all that remained from the years the island was heavily occupied. Although I was fully convinced the buildings were haunted, there was no was checking it out as the windows and doors were boarded up as asbestos was lingering inside. 
     As we made our way out of the old village we trekked down to the beach.  It was pleasant day on the water; a decent sea breeze kept it from becoming unbearable, however it was still on the toasty side. We spent a couple hours examining mainly dead creatures that had been victims of the food chain like crabs, and periwinkles or clams, such quahogs, razor clams and muscles.  We came across driftwood and sea glass, buoy's and trash.  A washed up dead skate was home to crab who was hastily gnawing away at the fish.
     When we took a lunch break it was a perfect time to get a nice swim in to cool off.  The water was much cooler than I anticipated however I quickly became accustomed and bobbed around for some time.  
    As we made our way back to the pier to catch the boat, it was time for everyone to catch and hold a crab.  All it took was flipping a rock to find as many as six crabs.  You had to hurry as they were quick little things and would scurry to another shelter before you could get your hands on one. 
    We made it back to the boat and eventually made it back to Boston.  I didn't realize how sunburned I was until I returned home, however it was still a great trip and I am very excited to see what the final classes have in store. 
Until we meet again,

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