Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Today we went to Peddock's island early in the morning. Before we started our walk, we saw some houses near the dock and a ranger spoke about island briefly there. then we started to walk through a wooded area and we saw red berries on the way to the beach. The beach was rocky and there were many dead organisms. It was very interesting for me to learn that the main reason of the rocky beach was the periwinkles. The water level was falling when we reached there and the weather was very hot.
The beach was full of mussel shells, slipper shells, razor clams, dead crabs, rocks, dead periwinkles, glass, and some seaweeds, etc. The lighter objects were pushed up by the tides and they formed lines along the beach.
After lunch, the water level was getting lower and we had more opportunity to see some living things. We saw many crabs under the rocks and we touched them. It was a bit scary and interesting experience. We tried to understand their sex. We also saw amphopods and periwinkles under the rocks. However, when we came back to Boston, my only concern was the miserable sunburn pain.

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