Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clean water

Water is essential to life. I care about the vital aspects of water rather than its other features.  There are many pictures or PowerPoint presentations on the internet about future scenarios without water. Since water cannot be manufactured and the fresh water on earth comprises only a small proportion of water supply, I have always been worried about lack of clean water. The issue is not a lack of water, but a lack of clean water. It is argued that it will cause crisis in the future. Even today, there are conflicts in some regions in the world, especially in some African countries, because of scarce water. Since water is the most vital natural source and it is the basis of economies, societies and human life, every person in the world needs clean water. However, the population of the world is growing rapidly and the clean water supply becomes scarcer day by day. And this population growth increases the usage of public infrastructures and this increasing usage causes the contamination of water and difficulties to clean it. Communities should be aware of the importance of clean water to prevent scarcity. Usage of water for non-vital issues such as for fun, swimming or other activities are also important but they are of secondary importance. 

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