Friday, July 27, 2012

The Grand Finale!

Today we learned all about the striped bass, a historically important species in Massachusetts. We lean red that they migrate from fresh water streams and rivers, where they spawn, into sea water. Unlike other fish, they stay close to the shore and feed in shallow water. We then learned that there had been a depletion in the number of Striped bass in New England.  It declined for many reasons, some of which are: catching too many female fish, the popularity and sales of omega-3-fatty acid pills, and Illegal Fishery.  Professor Berman named three reason why we are able to manage the striped bass. The first being that it is a polar fish that lives close to shore so people cared. Second, that congress men take things more seriously when they can see it, and legislators live close to where the striped bass do. And the third reason was because of science and regulation. There was a 5 year ban on catching striped bass and now in order to keep a striped bass caught by commercial or recreational fisherman, it has be a certain size, so that the smaller fish have a chance to grow and spawn at least 3 times. Professor Berman said that from last year to this near he has seen many more big strippers meaning that they are coming back! After learning all about the striped bass we got to cut one open and eat it! Here are some photos from today's cutting of the bass...


First incision 

Cutting down the spine, cutting not too deep

Cutting the fillet off the spine, deeper incisions

Internal organs

Holding of the fish to cut the head off

Small pieces of fish the bass ate left behind, taken out of the intestines 

Cutting some of the "fattier" part off of the fillets 

Thank you so much Professor Berman for a truly wonderful experience, every day we had class. I feel so lucky that I now am filled with knowledge of the Boston Harbor, a place I intend to visit often for more exploration! I wish other classes were as interactive, allowing us to discover what we learn with all of our senses!

-Liza Zipursky

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