Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Little things we take for granted

What we thought would be yet another day of learning about crabs, Periwinkles, seaweed and other critters that grow in the ocean, I learned something else. Besides learning the same things grow every were (the islands and docs we have visited) I realized this local Island is visited by people of all walks of life. Ages ranged from infant to the elderly. Families having a day at the beach, children visiting from their camps, the elderly enjoying the breeze and people watching. You saw folks that were there for Lunch at Sullivan's and others appeared to be there for a "date". 

As we walked the Island looking to see what was different from the other Islands we visited, we saw quite a few pregnant women, but this particular one appeared to be in her last stages of her pregnancy and was taking the walk to bring on the labor. Which was nice because this will be the place she will bring her baby to walk around, enjoy the beach and have some hot dogs, burgers, fries and ice cream at Sullivan's. 

Professor said: Why is fresh water important to me. Besides the fact that I wouldn't want my family, friends and loved ones to get some flesh eating disease by bacteria, it is important to me to spend quality time with my family. By having fresh, clean water, I am able to not only enjoy my family but also the local places and appreciate what is only but a 15 minute ride from home. 

Last year this time my husband and I celebrated our daughter Elizabeth's 1st Birthday at Castle Island and it was a great time. Because it is a State Park, we had to obtain a permit in order to have our celebration. We brought a grill, food and friends and enjoyed the day celebrating our ray of sunshine. 

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