Friday, July 27, 2012

Today, as usual we met at Starbucks. The weather was optimum for me and we had nice ride to Georges Island at 9:10. After some discussions with rangers about the cancelled trip to Lowells, DCR sent us the Abigal and its crew. Thanks for all to DCR. I thought Lowell is the same with Peddocks, because they are all Boston Harbor Islands. To what end, they can differentiate but it was not same, I was wrong. The Lowell Island as I can see, much full of life on the contrary to Peddocks Island. We made observations in the tide pools and catch different snails and crabs. I found a red shell snail that is worth to kept. And also, I caught a crab that can hurt seriously according to the professor. On the way to the inner island, we observed land snails which we saw on the rock at the beach that probably brought by sea birds. To sum up, we observed I think 4 kinds of marine snails (usual black, orange, white and my red)

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