Friday, July 27, 2012

Lovell Island Field Trip

Around nine AM we left to George Island to catch our ride do Lovells Island. Unfortunately we were confronted with the situation that all inner islands boats were canceled due to bad weather. Nevertheless Professor Berman managed to have a boat taken us to Lovells Island.
After a quick walk we reached the beach which was partially sandy and partially rocky. AT the beach the tide was low and we spend most of the time exploring the tide pools which had many marine species that we had identified in the Peddocks Island and at the dock.  The exposed rocks were covered by barnacles and periwinkles and they were far greater in number than in the other islands. We could identify two types of periwinkles: rough and common.

Under the rocks we found green and hermit crabs which were also in far greater number than in the other places we had visit
Although in fewer quantity than at the dock we also spotted sea lettuce, blue mussels and tunicates.

We then walked into the bushes, where we found terrestrial snails hanging on the trees and under leaves. We later identified these species as brown lipped snails

Although theses snails are terrestrial it is normal to find a few of them near the rocks at the beaches. The sea birds that pray on them drop them on the rocks to crack their shells.

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