Sunday, July 15, 2012

Under the Boarwalk

Although I was late to class today, I did get to pull up some of the things living under the docks near “The Barking Crab”. The rest of the information I got was from my teammates telling me about their expierence and showing me pictures.

1. Sea Lettuce- This I found under the dock of “The Barking Crab”. I think it is a piece of Sea Lettuce, but am not convinced because the piece was about 4 inches long and string-like with many small groves on the sides. It looks exactly like something I have seen in seaweed salad and tried to look that up but didn’t come up with anything.

2. Golden Star Tunicate- I found this on one of the Mussel’s. It was squishy in texture and covered about half of the Mussel, containing “star-like” blue shapes all around that look to be about a ¼ of a centimeter.
3. Smooth Skeleton Shrimp- These seemed to be everywhere! They were small, maybe also a ¼ of a centimeter, they looked transparent with a skeleton inside. They moved all over my hand and also, while attached to the mound of stuff I pulled up stood straight up and constantly curled their bodies back and forth.
4. Sea Lettuce and Blue Mussel

5. Rock Weed

6. Orange Sheath Tunicate- I wasn’t able to see this personally but from a photograph my group took I am convinced, after looking in the Audubon Society
Field Guide, that that’s what this “Orange Blob” is.

7. Mackerel- Saw this fish when the very nice man showed up his bait.

It seems as though there were similarities and differences between what the group saw last year and what we saw today. In the post, “The Mighty Mighty Starfish” by Marriam, they also saw Blue Mussels, Orangs Sheath Turnicate, Sea Lettuce and Skeleton Shrimp. Another group saw something called “smooth burrowing” on the Mussels, which I didn’t see today. Also, in a post by Murat Arsia, their group saw the Sheath Turnicate, but the one I saw was blue, and the one they saw, in a picture on his post was orange. I’m not sure as to why we saw different things than the other group. I speculate that the weather, the temperature, or storms may have brought different things to the docks that we saw this year.

All pictures are courtesy of Chris and Brenda, my group partners.

-Liza Zipursky

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