Friday, July 27, 2012

During our class trips to the islands we have been able to really see in depth three marvelous islands. Peddocks Island was very islotated with almost no one but acouple people living on the Island. The beaches were very dry and to the untrained eye it seemed as if there was no life until we found the asian   crab. The next island we travled to was legendary Castle island. Even though I have been there many times before I never looked so intensely at  the shore line and the many organisms living in the massive man made tide pool. However today we visited Lovells island and were able to search through the massive tide pools, walk the paths through the forest, and were able to look in depth at the unidentified snails that lived in the trees in the forest.

During our search through the tide pools and the forest of the island I was able to find two snails. The first was the very common and very easy to find periwinkle. The periwinkle could be found on almost every rock in the tide pools. Hundreds of periwinkles could be spotted, however when we ventured into the forest we found a very different kind of snail. The snail in the forest was called "The Grove snail."

At first I thought these snails were very closely related to the periwinkles. Though after doing some in depth research I have found that these snails were brought to Lovell's island. They were introduced from all parts of Europe, western, eastern, southern, northern, and central. At one point we found grove snail shells on one partical rock. One article (
explains in depth that these snails are eaten by small birds and mice. The mice or birds may have brought the snails to that particular rock to separate the snail from it own shell.

In all learning about these snails was very fascinating. Especially having to figure out the mystery of how these snails were brought from the forest to the rock on the beach. All in all just another great day searching and visiting the islands of Boston harbor.

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