Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clean Water

I believe that clean water should be the most important substance that a human needs in order to survives. I grow up in El Salvador a very small country in Central America. I remember that in the small town that I grow up the tap water we have had at our home come out of the tap every other day for only one hour making impossible to have enough water to wash clothes, drink, and shower in a family of seven. I remember that my dad brought a water filter from United States because even do the mayor says the water was safe to drink; it smell and taste like Clorox. My family was lucky enough to have a filter but most of the families boil the water that they used for drinking and cooking. Sometimes in the summer we did not had enough water to have it every other day and we sometimes had it every two days and my family travel to the city to buy bottle water.        
            I moved to the United States 10 years ago and get used to have access to water 24 hour a day. In 2009 I had the opportunity to travel with Engineers Without Borders to Honduras to help then with translation. We went to Honduras as an assessment trip to bring clean water to a village of very poor families that did not have access to clean water. In this village children were malnourished and the village had a river but was contaminated. During our week at Honduras the people from the village show us from were they got the water that they though were clean, it was unfair for this family no to have access to clean water. This village needs the most important substance in the world and that why children were malnourished and people/animals were dying. I remember that I will never forget the trip that help me realized how lucky I was and even when I was growing up in my country I was lucky to have access to clean water.  The families in the villages wish the rain every day for them to save the water of the rain and boil and used to drink. I ask myself now shouldn’t the government care about the right of people to have access to clean water? Why should people from United States volunteer they time in order to help bring clean water to poor people? Shouldn’t the government be working on it?       
            After my trip to Honduras my mind change 100% in how I should be thankful of having access to clean water. I was unable to continue attending to the meeting with Engineers Without Borders due to my busy schedule as a full time student and full time job but if in the future I have the opportunity to travel and help poor people I will do it with my eyes close. Is great experiences that allow us to be thankful of thing that we sometimes think every person have access to it because they are basic for a human life. My values change and I try to encourage the immigrant families that I work with to use the tap water but even do the doctors tell them is safe for them to drink tap water they don’t believe it. They continue spending money buying bottle water for their children because they think is safe for them. I think this is because tap water in our countries is not save for drinking. In our trip to Honduras and even in El Salvador we cannot drink homemade juices in a restaurant because you don’t know what kind of water they used so people always drink Coca Cola.

The river that was contaminated at Honduras 

The pool that contains the water they use for drink 

We find out that even the river was contaminated and they knew about it they continue used for washing and taking shower. We can see these two women carrying washed clothes on their head coming from the river. 

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