Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water water everywhere, but what if there was not a drop to drink?

I often question my patriotism as an American.  We are horribly greedy people that can be pushy and expect people to conform to our way of government, religions, language etc.  These traits can be found in all of us and I think we often take for granted how privileged we really are.  When asked: "What does clean water mean to me?"  A really simple question that we probably think about very often.  I had to really think about it.

I grew up in Maine on Sebago Lake.  This particular lake is used as drinking water for the city of Portland and other towns in the area.  This region is also known as the Lakes Region.  Looking back now and thinking about how I was surrounded by these beautiful clean lakes and ponds that were used for recreation year round, but not all people are so lucky.  We water our lawns, fill swimming pools, hot tubs, take long showers, wash our cars with clean water that is safe to drink when there are other nations in the world that do not even have clean drinking water.  The frivolous use of a resource so precious in other countries is a prime example of our greed as a nation.

Clean water is essential for so many things in our lives from our own survival to the ability to cook, wash our clothes and dishes, grow food, etc and we just use all we want without thinking about those who are less fortunate.  I admit that I am one of these people and enjoy a long shower (too long of a shower) and will leave the faucet running while I brush my teeth.  When Professor Burman asked this question of us today, I felt kind of disgusted with myself for my lack of appreciation for something so simple yet so important.

Taking this class has not only been fun, but extremely educational and I am sure I will remember more from this class than I have from other classes.  The amount of time, money and energy that has gone into the cleaning of Boston Harbor is astonishing and probably would not have to have happen if we as educated people had thought about how our actions will effect our surroundings and environment.  Alas that was not the case and we pretty much destroyed the harbor, but because of all the hard work of Save the Harbor Save the Bay this beautiful resource has been able to come back to us.  The harbor can now be used as clean water should be used to educate our youth the importance of it and how to maintain it as well as enjoy in recreational manners.  This experience has opened my eyes and will make more aware of how I use the clean water that is so readily available to us.

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Amine Yakine said...

You should be patriotic, America is a beautifull land deserving of our love. Love of one's country is like the love of ones mother, this land and its water is the source of all life including our own. It gives just as mothers do. I liked your post.