Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Trip to Boston Harbor (second class)

Today was our second class learning about Boston Harbor. Today our professor plans our first trip to the Boston Harbor in a ferry that we board at the Aquarium. During our second class the professor talks about the importance of our own observation in order to study science. In our first trip we have the assignment of observing the island, the ocean, etc. During this class I was able to experiences how important to observe and to talk about our observation because people can see thing differently but not everybody can be correct.
I arrived at the Aquarium Station around 12:00Noon and grab something to eat. At 1:10PM, we all got together before boarding the boat and talk about what we need it to observed and learn from this trip.  It was 1:10PM and it was a busy time at the Aquarium a lot of people walking around the area and also people observing the ocean.  Before taking our ferry we took a look at the ocean tides and we noticed that the tides at the time was really low. I can noticed that the tides were low because in the rock I was able to observed that it had a darker color where there was not water. It seem that the tides get really high during different times of the day. The temperature was around 90 degree and the sun was strong. At the end of our trip I observed the tides and were getting little higher. The professor explained that the tides usually get high after 1:20Noon.
We board our ferry that was going to take us to see the Boston Harbor Island. The first things that I observed while we start our trip on the Ferry was that the Boston Harbor was most cover by land and land that are protected for Hurricanes. The ferry stopped twice one time at Quincy and the other at Boston Logan Airport. The professor was talking about all the changes that happen at Boston Harbor. Boston Harbor went thru a cleaning process for many years that cost a lot of money in order to make it in one of the most cleaning ocean in the United States. The professor was talking to us about the prices of the houses that went up because Boston Harbor was convert into a clean and safety place for people to live. But the process of making Boston Harbor a cleaning place with real estate prices going up does not stop there because is becoming a large industry. The people want to open business as restaurant closer to Boston Harbor. I also observed that in few of the Island, observed people walking and swimming while other people where enjoying the whether in their boat. The professor also talks to us about of the Island that have a shelter in the island and also about the bridge that connect to the Island that only one car can be on the bridge because the bridge is really old.
In this trip I was able to learn a lot about the Boston Harbor. This trip makes me exited to discover about Boston Harbor species and nature. The professor also talks about the process to clean our wastewater into safety water. I didn’t know that Boston Harbor was the place were our wastewater run to and goes to the process of cleaning. It was amazing to learn the process of the pipes and the process of cleaning the water. It took time and money in order to clean the Boston Harbor we should continue on keeping it clean and each of us can continue making a difference in our cities. 

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