Sunday, July 15, 2012

Under the docs in Boston Harbor

Today we had an interesting day looking under the docs at Boston harbor. I never thought that we could find so many of sea species under the docs. My group and I found some amazing species of every shapes, size, colors that lives under the docs.

Here is the list of species that we found:
 Grinnell’s pink leaf : my group description (brown, wavy, soft and jelly)
      Sea lettuce : (green, flat, thin and soft)
3       Brushy red weed : (orange pinkish, looks like a root and at the bottom it has a little head)
4     Red beard sponge : (yellow, thick, feels like a sponge)
5      Blue Mussel: (oval shape, black and dark brown, it has a white pearl color inside.
6     Sea Peach : (orange, it has a heart shape)
7     Spongomorpha : (it’s green and looks like a grace)
8     Orange sheath tunicate : ( orange and round, it has little star shapes inside)
9     Golden star tunicate : ( brown and darkish green, it has white dots)
1     Smooth skeleton shrimp : (it is a little tiny shrimp and it has no color)

I didn’t see a lot of difference from the doc that I saw today and the picture of last year. The doc that I saw today has more mussels than the doc from the picture.

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