Monday, July 16, 2012

Peddocks Island

Today we went to visit Peddocks Island. We took our boat at Boston Harbor at the Aquarium and we arrived at Georges Island. At Georges Island we took a boat taxi to Peddocks Island. Our professor explained that Peddocks Island become a National Park and people that own land, they need to give it to the State when they passed away. The professor explained that is only one family that live in the Island full time and the other families have their houses as summer houses but when this people past away the States will own the land.  I think that our group where the only people that was visiting the Island, professor explained that this can be because this Island has not be open for the public and also there is not food and they are in process of cleaning and building up for people to visit the Island.
            We walk around the beach. The Beach in Peddocks Island was most rocky beach. As we get into the beach the tide was getting low but was still little higher and the beach had pebbles of different colors. We also found some clams, (death), blue muss, crab skeleton, and few sea glasses of different colors. The professor also explained about wrack at the beach. Because of the tides going down we were able to see the wrack that are part of the beach were the waves push hard. We also noticed that the waves pusher most of the small and lighter stuff faraway while the big and heavy stuff closer to the water.
            As we walk along the beach we start to find more alive thing than death. This a live thing live closer to the big rock and in the rocky beach instead of were more pebbles were. We see small green and dark green crabs. We also see snails that according to our professor are not from Massachusetts. They were brought to Boston. I was able to hold a small grab on my hand that it was a female. Our professor explained to us how to differentiated from female and male grab. Our professor was trying to make a Perywrinkle coming out by singing a song but Did not work. After our lunch we went to observe the mod flat. I was able to observed very tiny grabs in the mod.
            I enjoy the day it was very nice, the whether was hot and think I burn few calories. The sun was really strong that makes us very tired. I learn a lot about the animal and how different the habitat in the beach is compared to the dock that we observed on walk path at Boston Harbor. I really want to learn more about the other Island. I also was really sad because I noticed that people continue throwing trash on the ocean because we find trash in our walk. 

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