Sunday, July 15, 2012

There's more to see in the ocean then just great white sharks

After today's class, I will never look at seaweed the same. Our first look at the harbor was mixed with  observations about man made things such as metal, wooden docks, boats, and the concrete on which we were standing on and above. Walking further along the harbor, we found that there as striped bass up to 28inches long swimming beside us waiting to sample the bread. Later, on my stomach leaning over a dock, I pulled seaweed from the side of the dock. It seemed as though there were small worm like things crawling on it. They were also on the dead mussels our team found. On the same dock, I had the pleasure of pulling out the "experiment" from under the dock. And quite the experiment it was. The rope that was tied to the dock was heavy with sea life. mussels, sea weed, orange "things", white blobs and the small worm like animals were all attached to the rope. And the white blob squirted some ocean at me!
     The dock that I observed today was different from the dock in the picture from a year ago in that it seemed like there was more green and more seaweed

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